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recycling old sails

Upcycling Old Sails

in collaboration with Nuribaprojects

Many old sails and an ocean of waste

To protect the ocean, we need to use fewer resources and that is exactly what Nuribaprojects does. Old boat sails are creatively reused to transform them into fashionable bags.

Cutting of the material to create the bags

The durability and resistance of sailing material, although it is no longer useful for navigation, is still excellent for the bags created by Núria. For this reason, if you are looking for a bag made entirely of recycled and durable materials and that is also practical and modern, Nbags is the solution!

These are really unique pieces. Each bag is part of a collection limited by the size of the sail, and takes the name of the boat from which this sail has been reused. In addition, some bags carry certain aesthetic qualities of the sail such as their numbering, the manufacturer's logo or the brand that have been specially selected to create exclusive editions.

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