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Start your sustainable journey today

The oceans future is our future – that’s why we are all part of the change.


Making truly exceptional products respecting people and the planet. This is our journey to full transparency

Fit for adventure, built to last. 

We acknowledge the challenge in creating sustainable clothes that fit your lifestyle well. High quality and durability are central to our production process and our timeless designs make each piece a wardrobe essential.


We carefully choose our partners because we care about the people who make our clothes just as much as whom we make them for. We ensure that they enforce fair working conditions and adhere to sustainable manufacturing principles.

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Commited to LIFE


We are committed to keeping our oceans alive. With every purchase, a coral is saved. This enables us to support a coral conservation project in the Mediterranean that brings together scientists, fishermen and the local community.

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Business as a force for Good


Materials. Products. Packaging. Every single thing we create comes from 100% recycled materials and part of the profit is donated back to the planet and its people. We know things are far from perfect, but this is about right now. Changing one thing today, so we don’t waste what we need for tomorrow.

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What is the impact of our clothing?​​


Radical Recycling to end plastic pollution

Most plastics that are thrown away ultimately end up in the sea destroying wildlife and nature. With a new innovative idea, old plastic bottles are recycled into high quality polyester fibers putting an end to plastic pollution in the ocean.

40% of our products are made with these recycled plastic bottles.

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Ending waste in the fashion industry


15% of fabric intended for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. Salvages uses the remaining of the production of organic cotton t-shirts and blends them with the polyester fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. In this way, we give high quality materials that would have been discarded the value they deserve, and in the process, we minimize waste, land, water and energy use.

60% of our products are made with this recycled organic cotton.

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Ending the use of toxic chemicals

The fashion industry accounts for 20% of global wastewater and almost 14% of global pesticide use. That’s why we only use organically sourced cotton that does not harm the animals nor the environment and that is good for your skin.

All our products are printed with natural inks.

All our products are certified under the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS) by the Control Union Certifications.

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Ensuring a living wage for garment workers

Adding as little as 10 cents to the price of a T-Shirt and 54 cents to the price of a Hoodie results in an increase of 50% in the wages of the poorest workers at their factory in India. Through this Fair Share Scheme all workers get a monthly premium that allows them to get access to better living conditions, education and health care.

Full report HERE

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It’s not where, but how.

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