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About us
Inspired by the world's oceans & the hidden joys of the Mediterranean

Barcelona - 2013

The board

The genesis of Good Swell takes us back to what we call the Surfing Bunker, a small blue room in the quartier of el Poblenou, Barcelona. This is where Alba spent many afternoons after school, working on the manufacturing of her first surfboard. However, on a budget of an average school kid, she had to find a way to pay for all the materials and the rent of the room. That’s when the first Good Swell jumpers came into life. They were sold to family and friends and the word spread quick.

The first project

Fiji, 2015

Many jumpers later and a larger crowdfunding payed for the first project: delivering clean water to people without access to it in Fiji. Being mindful about the environment and the people that surround us has always been important for us. Today, this philosophy has become the main pilar of Good Swell. Whilst we keep loving what we do, we always try to give back to mother nature and help along the way.

Southampton, 2017

The stoke

The quest for the perfect wave has taken us around the world to explore the far coasts of California, Brazil, New Zealand and Indonesia but also many, many spots in Europe.

Spending so much time at sea, we have also witnessed how vulnerable the oceans have become. But we aren’t going to watch our oceans collapse. It is the search for solutions that has taken Alba to the south coast of England to study marine biology with oceanography. Our main goal now is to raise awareness for the oceans.

We are online! 

Planet earth, 2020

We’re in business to save the oceans. Let’s change to sustainable fashion together.

By purchasing our products, you are directly contributing to new and existing projects in ocean conservation and at the same time to sustainable fashion.

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